Membership Categories
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    icstm induction Programme.

    The Institute of Strategic Customer Service and Trade Management of Nigeria organises induction programme for all incoming members. This programme is usually complemented with a seminar or a Training section after which certificates of participation and membership are issued.

  • 2

    Full Membership

    To qualify for this grade, the individual must be a graduate of ten (10) years and above.

  • 3

    Corporate Membership

    Corporate membership is meant for Organisations, Firms and Companies that are mostly involved in active customer service, Trade dealings and all forms of business transactions.


Entry requirements
This is specially meant for Corp members only. The scheme affords Corp members the opportunity to be well-trained and accredited as a Certified Customer Service and Trade Manager. The programme has been subsidized to allow interested Corp members undergoing the youth service scheme to embrace the unique opportunity. Candidates for this special programme are issued proficiency Certificate in Customer Service and Trade Management and also to be inducted as Graduate Member of the Institute.  Must command respect in the society, influential and of good integrity.



NB: As soon as the Institute Professional qualifying examinations are put in place, the award of Associate and Full Membership Grade will only be open to candidates who must have passed all the parts of the qualifying examinations and also satisfied other requirements as prescribed by the Council

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